Burkina Faso

City Burkina Faso

Duration 7 nights and above

Price per person Contact us for package details

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This small landlocked country is home to a diversity of landscapes and peoples that many of the better known destinations would find it hard to rival. Starting from Ouagadougou we head south, to the intricately patterned villages of the Kassena people, where we are privileged to be able to spend the night in the chief�s compound � a humbling and unsurpassable evening.
We then travel to Burkina�s western region, to its unusual rock formations, traditional cultures and the fortified villages of the Lobi people, one of the last ethnic groups to accept colonial rule. We also track elephants with near guaranteed sightings, explore mud built mosques, and immerse ourselves in Burkina�s contemporary life in the amiable cities of Ouagadougou and Bob-Dioulasso. Fall in love with Burkina Faso on this journey of surprises.
Besides holiday packages Divine Holiday Management can also assist you for business visits , events and conferences in this country.
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