Live Concerts

Divine Holiday Management does coordination for Indian Celebrities like Film stars, TV stars, Singers and Dancers for Events and Concerts within India and to any destination in the World.

Team Building Activities

Team Building is an element of fun, because team building uses interactive games and adventures. In reality, team building is all of the above and more. A good team building exercise creates positive interaction among a group of people, and in doing so enhances their ability to work effectively as a team when they return to the workplace.


Meetings: We arrange the best range of meeting facilities which will give you a nice environment for your colleagues

Incentives: We offer the most superb destinations for incentive ideas and occasions, sightseeing, activities and wild adventures.

Conferences: We arrange professional executive conferences at the best venues with all the facilities to suit your needs.

Exhibitions: We arrange luxurious gatherings with impressive gourmet, decoration and entertainment, all specially tailored to suit the event theme and location

Film Shootings

We are International Line Producers and work very closely with Worldwide Film Commissions, Tourism Boards, Government Authorities, Embassies, Consulates and Airlines to support production houses for Film shoots to any destination in the world. We assist production houses with accommodation’s, logistics, permissions, equipment’s, junior artists and crew during the shoot. We also assist and ensure government subsidy in many international destinations. Due to our close contact high commissions worldwide it makes it even easier to assist production houses for Recce and Crew visas.

The Countries that we can help you shoot your movie are Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Czech, Slovak, Georgia, Hungary, Malta, Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Malta, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Canada, Russia, India, Nepal, UAE, Oman, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, Mauritius, Reunion Island, Namibia & Rwanda.