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Whether this is your first trip to Israel or one of many, our Israel tours will surpass your expectations. Israel is a small country on the Mediterranean that is rich in culture and history and serves as the foundation for three world religions. Our tours blend Jewish and Christian tour sites with modern day Israel in an enlightening journey covering the most famous sites in Israel. Our Israel tour experts have selected the best English and other speaking tour guides that will make your trip a once in a lifetime experience. Making your tour of Israel a meaningful and memorable experience .

"The LORD said...'go to the land which I will show you.'"
What a better time than now to experience all the history, majesty, miracles, and prophecy that awaits us in the land of the bible! Join us in Israel on one of the best Christian Holy Land pilgrimage tours to explore a country that is rich in culture and historic sites taking you on a journey to the Holy Land�s most sacred places. This trip is a personal, deeply spiritual experience; Gil Travel's Christian Pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan will leave you with a sense of fulfillment and wonder that can only come from walking in the very footsteps of Jesus.
Besides holiday packages Divine Holiday Management can also assist you for business visits , events and conferences in this country.
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